Alison Pritchard

  • NBO Trainer
  • Profession – Psychologist
  • Current Role – Clinical Psychologist.
  • Trainer Since – 2009

I am a Clinical Psychologist currently working in a Child Development Centre in Northallerton with under 5s with complex needs and in the Autism assessment service with children aged from 0-18yrs

I trained in the NBAS in 2004 and subsequently in the NBO using these extensively as part of the universal offer to families in our Sure Start Children’s Centre area. I was very fortunate to meet Dr Brazelton and to hear him speak about the sophisticated way in which babies tell us about their world, if we have the curiosity to listen. His passion for babies and how they interact with those around them has been, and continues to be, a major influence on my work with children and their families.

Training others in the Brazelton approach gives an opportunity to share in the fascinating world of infants that is unique to each baby you get to know. ‘The guidelines are in the baby’ we just need to know how to listen to the language.