Betty Hutchon

  • NBAS and NBO Trainer
  • Profession – Occupational Therapy
  • Current Role – Head of Paediatric Occupational Therapy for the Royal Free Hospital, London.
  • Trainer Since – 1995
  • Why I love being a trainer: – I love being a Brazelton trainer because the NBAS and NBO are wonderful tools which are clinically very relevant to working with high risk infants and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to pass this on to the next generation.

I was one of the co-founders of the Brazelton Centre in the UK and am one of 13 master trainers around the world for the NBAS and I am also one of two NBO master trainers in the UK.

I have worked with all ages, from birth to 18 years in hospital, home, school and community settings since qualifying in 1978 at the Ulster University in Belfast. I was awarded a Doctor of Science by Ulster University in July 2016 for my work in neurodevelopment and pioneering work in the follow up of preterm infants and infants with HIE. I also work as a Consultant Neurodevelopmental Therapist for University College London Hospital. I specialise in early neurodevelopmental assessment and early intervention. Following many years of working in the NICU with high risk infants my collaborators and myself have developed the EI SMART approach ( to improve the early intervention experience for parents of high risk infants using current evidence.

I have been awarded three outstanding Achievement Awards during my time at the Royal Free. I have recently been the recipient of the Pioneering Award in Neonatal Therapy presented by NANT (National Association of neonatal therapists (USA).

I was part of a highly expert team of professionals and academics who worked on the NICE guidelines for developmental follow up of preterm infants published in 2017.

I was part of the small team of professionals and academics who wrote the practice guidelines for neonatal OT published in 2017 by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.