Inge Nickell

I joined the Brazelton Centre as Director in 2021 but have been a trainer since 2009. I am certified in the NBAS, NBO and the Touchpoints Model.

I have worked as a Registered nurse (1995) and Health visitor (2000) with a special interest in perinatal health. I also have a Masters in Infant Mental Health at the Tavistock Clinic, London.

Since becoming a Health Visitor I have felt passionate about the emotional wellbeing of babies and their parents. My focus has been about the importance of the earliest relationship between the baby and their caregiver both through direct clinical work with families but also through training professionals working with infants and their families.


Some other achievements have been:


  • Lead for health in a collaborative initiative between Public Health – Health Visiting and Action for Children (UK children’s charity) to lead an approach which aimed to address the health needs in the community.
  • Champion for perinatal maternal and infant mental health in Devon, supporting development of pathways, collaborative working and delivering training to the Public Health Nursing team across Devon.
  • Setup a NBO Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2019 and have delivered training to a variety of professionals across Denmark since 2014.
  • In cooperation with Aarhus University, Faculty of Health, participated as an NBO trainer in a RCT study in Early contact – presence and relationship 2016-2018) This study is using the NBO as an intervention in comparison groups.


I live in Devon with my husband, two dogs and cat. I have two adult children.