Inge Nickell

  • NBAS and NBO Trainer
  • Profession – Health Visiting
  • Current Role – Infant mental Health Specialist Self Employed
  • Trainer Since – 2009
  • Why I love being a trainer: – There are many reasons why I love being a trainer for the Brazelton Centre UK. It gives me the opportunity to share this wonderful early intervention with other professionals, which makes such a difference to the way parents see their babies. It provides them with the manual for their baby! All parents should have access to the a professional who can share this wonderful method with them.

I qualified as a registered adult nurse in 1995 and later qualified as a specialist practitioner in health visiting in 2000. I very soon became very interested in the early relationship between parents and their babies as well as supporting women suffering from postnatal depression. This interest lead to studying my masters in infant mental health with the Tavistock Clinic in London. In 2004 I was offered a post to set up an infant mental health service within the local children’s centre. Here I delivered different groups for parents with babies including ‘Here’s Looking at You Baby’ – which is a group for parents and babies under six months of age, promoting a better understanding of how babies communicate, I also certified in the CARE-Index and was able to use this to support parents again with understanding their babies.

I first learned about the Brazelton Centre UK when I attended a conference to learn more about the earliest relationship. Joanna Hawthorne talked about the NBAS and I shortly after this attended the NBAS training in Bristol and certified a year later in 2006. It changed my practice and the way I saw babies. I was delighted to be able to offer this intervention to families and very soon also saw a change in the way they saw and responded to their babies.

In 2009 I returned to health visiting and there I continued to promote the parent-infant relationship delivering training in Solihull Approach and Perinatal Mental Health as well as offering the NBO or NBAS to families.