Kim Benn

I trained as a State Registered Nurse way back in 1978, specialising in Paediatrics and Intensive Care Nursing. After returning from maternity leave, I  found myself working and loving Special Care Baby Unit. I undertook ‘The Intensive Care of the Newborn Course’ and spent many happy years in this environment. As a (very) mature student I decided to study for a midwifery degree in Cambridge and worked at The Rosie Hospital Transitional Care Ward where I combined my love of premature babies and postnatal care.

While at The Rosie Hospital, in my role as a midwife, I had been involved with Joanna Hawthorne and the Brazelton Centre UK by helping trainees access appropriate newborn babies who would benefit from either the NBAS or NBO. After retiring in 2012 the most sensible thing to do was to apply for a post at the Brazelton Centre UK which was moving to new offices in the centre of Cambridge. I now work part time and am responsible for evaluating, providing feedback and certifying all new NBO trainees.

I also enjoy being part of the Brazelton team as we exhibit and spread the NBO/NBAS word at various conferences all round the country.
It has been wonderful to witness how the Brazelton Centre UK has evolved over the years, building up to the brilliant team we have today and with so much more to look forward to.