Libi Deller

  • NBO Trainer
  • Profession – Psychologist (past Nursing and Midwifery)
  • Current Role – Chartered Counselling Psychologist, specialising in Infant & Perinatal Mental Health
  • Trainer Since – 2014
  • Why I love being a trainer: – Sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with other professionals who care for young families.

While training as a nurse, and then as a midwife in the 1980’s, I became aware of the general lack of focus on the psychological wellbeing of patients. I decided to retrain as a psychologist, although until 2012 continued to work (very part-time) as a midwife alongside working as a psychologist.

I was trained in and used the Brazelton NBAS in my PhD in the late 1990’s (looking at the impact of irritability on growth and development of babies born very prematurely). I then joined the Brazelton Centre UK as a trainer in 2014 after having trained in the NBO myself and realizing how helpful it could be for new parents and their babies.

Having worked in the NHS for many years, in adult, child & adolescent and specialist infant & perinatal services, I left in 2016 and now work solely in the private sector.