Lisa Hodge

  • NBO Trainer
  • Profession – Health Visiting
  • Current Role – Health Visitor with Flying Start, Wales.
  • Trainer Since – 2015
  • Why I love being a trainer: – Being able to share the work of Dr Brazelton, which has transformed my own practise, is an honour. These are such amazing, positive tools, every one working with newborns and their families should be trained!

I am a Health Visitor, with previous experience of over 15 years as a midwife, and now work for Flying Start. Flying Start is a Welsh Government initiative, providing an enhanced Health Visiting Service to pre-school children and their families living in hard to reach communities.

Whilst working as a case holding Midwife back in 2007, I had the opportunity to undertake NBAS training, and certified in 2008. This was the catalyst that sparked my interest in observing, understanding and sharing newborn behaviours with families. I noticed how using the NBAS with families helped not only increase parent’s sensitivity to their babies, but also strengthened my own relationship with the families – I felt we could really connect through observing and understanding the meaning of the baby’s behaviour together.

I went on to work with Flying Start as a Midwife and then trained and qualified as a Health Visitor in 2011. In 2013 I undertook NBO training, and went on to re-certify in NBAS later that year, at which time I was invited by the Brazelton Centre UK to undertake the pathway to becoming a trainer. As well as using NBO with every family in my care, I provide support and offer refresher sessions locally to colleagues trained in NBO.