Maggie Wood

  • NBAS and NBO Trainer
  • Profession – Health Visiting
  • Current Role – Health Visitor in Middlesbrough
  • Trainer since – 2013
  • Why I love working as a trainer – I love working with and promoting work using the NBO and NBAS as tools of my trade because they clearly promote the “voice” of the baby.

I trained as a nurse and health visitor in 1974-8 at Kings College in London via an integrated nurse health visiting course. And still have one of the text books by Berry Brazelton from my training in those days!! I moved back to Yorkshire in 1979 and have worked as a health visitor for most of the years since. Following the cot death of one of my children, I also worked for FSID, now the Lullaby Trust, as a regional coordinator. I have two surviving grown up children and one grandchild.

I worked in rural North Yorkshire for many years then moved to work in Middlesbrough as the health coordinator for a Sure Start programme. During this time I was fortunate to complete the NBAS training as work to roll out the use of this initially as a pilot in the area covered by the programme then throughout the Middlesbrough area. Middlesbrough was a pioneer in the use of NBO and NBAS and our work here contributed to the mainstreaming of this work nationally.

I have been a trainer for several years and the “baby” I completed my assessment on when I qualified as a trainer has recently started school (2018).