Melanie Gunning

  • NBO Trainer
  • Profession -Psychologist
  • Current Role – Clinical Psychologist
  • Trainer Since – 2009
  • Why I love being a trainer – It means taking time to connect and listen to trainees as we begin to hear what babies tell us without words.

I currently works as a clinical psychologist in a child and adolescent mental health outpatients team in Lothian, Scotland. I also volunteer with Juno, a perinatal peer support group in Lothian.

I first trained in using the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale (NBAS) in 1996 while working at the Winnicott Research Unit at the University of Reading. I completed my PhD in developmental psychopathology in 2002 while becoming a mother to my first daughter, a tiny but mighty wee smasher of a baby girl. Following this I had a second baby, a dynamo baby girl full of joi de vivre, in 2005 and used the NBAS as a research tool to observe newborn individual differences whilst I was a postdoctoral research fellow at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

My third baby girl born with the fastest hands in the west in 2008 marked my move in to clinical work. I trained in the Neonatal Behavioural Observation (NBO) and as a clinical psychologist specialising in infant, child and adolescent mental health. I have delivered training for The Brazelton Centre UK since around 2009 and I would describe it as one of the areas of my working life I most look forward to. I value the Brazelton approach as a framework for hearing what is said through the language of attunement, containment and regulation.