Baby Communication Awareness Week 24th-30th June 2019


The Brazelton Centre UK are launching a campaign from the 24th to the 30th June to raise awareness of the fact that babies are communicating from the very moment they are born. Our aim is to make people aware of the difference it can make to the relationship between parents and their newborn babies if they are able to listen to and recognise this unspoken language.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Brazelton Centre UK, Madeleine Cassidy says:

“We are delighted to announce the very first Baby Communication Awareness Week. In newborn babies all their movements, sounds and responses, what we call their behaviour, is their language.

When we are able to interpret this language, we can understand how that baby is feeling- what they are experiencing, thinking and needing. We can then respond to them as unique individuals, which is not only crucial for their development, but also invaluable to the relationship between the parents and their baby from birth.

Most parents are very familiar with the idea of communicating with their babies, but far fewer are aware that their babies are communicating right back, long before they are using words.  It is our aim to ensure that every mum and dad who needs it gains benefit from the training we offer health professionals to enhance their work supporting the parent-baby relationship.”

Look out for our campaign on social media which includes resources for parents and professionals, expert advice and some exciting, unmissable launches.