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Are you interested in booking NBO or NBAS training for a group, even a whole area? We can come to you- either in person or online!

We are here to equip your staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a positive and lasting difference to families with newborn babies.

Make an Impact on Families in your area

We offer NBO and NBAS training for groups and organisations; this may be a team within an organisation, a group of professionals, an NHS Trust or a whole county/region.

For the Newborn Behavioural Observations (NBO) course there needs to be a minimum of 15 trainees.

For the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale (NBAS) course there needs to be a minimum of 16 trainees.

(There may be some adjustment/flexibility to these numbers depending on the venue and other factors)

Our Brazelton trainers will come to your venue on pre-arranged dates that work for your team and deliver the training. For large numbers several courses can be arranged. We also offer the NBAS and NBO courses taught remotely online.

Booking large groups for training has the benefit of seeing enhanced practice with families, where baby observations become embedded into practice and has a transformative effect on local communities.

Why Brazelton training?

New parents always welcome guidance and support in understanding what their baby is saying as they build that first special relationship.  They often look to their health practitioner for support with this. However many professionals do not always have the knowledge, skills and confidence to have the impact they would like.

We provide two training courses and certification to health professionals in two recognised baby behaviour tools from 0-3 months old called the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale and the Newborn Behavioural Observations.

"I see babies and their parents in a whole new light. Amazing after years of practice"

Course Trainee

Developed through academic research and decades of practice, our courses provide skills that enable certified practitioners carrying out an NBO or NBAS to not only transform their own practice but to make a difference to families.

We want to join with you in making a lasting difference on the health and developmental outcomes of babies in your area.

Here are some areas that are using the NBO and NBAS to transform their areas – Wales, Tameside and Glossop, Blackpool, Stockport and Manchester.

The Brazelton Centre UK is committed to promoting and conducting research to confirm the effectiveness of the using the NBO and NBAS. Here are our results! To read about our research in depth click here.

Benefits for Practitioners

  • Higher confidence and knowledge in working with babies and families
  • Better skills including appreciating infant cues, helping parents enjoy their baby more and supporting parents with a more challenging baby.

Results with Parents

  • Have trust in their practitioner
  • Enhanced parent-infant engagement
  • Reduction in postnatal depressive symptoms
  • Enhanced maternal confidence
  • Promotes father involvement

Implementing the Brazelton approach into care for families

Anulika Ifezue, Specialist Health Visitor and Lead for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health gives us an inspirational example of how sharing babies’ communication has become a part of universal care provision across Manchester.

Learn More

To find out more about the two courses including the training and certification process and how the tools can be used, click the buttons below.



  • The NBAS is recommended in the Healthy Child Programme (Department of Health).
  • The NBAS & NBO are recommended in: – National Health Visiting Service Specification (NHS England) and
  • The Specialist Health Visitors in Perinatal & Infant Mental Health (NHS Health Education England)

Please be aware each individual trainee requires training and formal certification by the Brazelton Centre UK before using the NBO and NBAS.  If you receive training in the NBO or the NBAS, it does not entitle you to train others.

The NBO and NBAS courses are CPD certified and following attendance of a course will received their CPD points and certificate.

Arranging Group Training

The organiser who books the training needs to arrange the venue, refreshments/lunch, communicate pre-training preparation to trainees, arrange a baby and parent(s) for the second day.

Discount rates are available

See here for guidelines on important requirements for arranging training for your group

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