Free NBAS Practice Support Sessions

Following attendance of the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale training course, we offer free online group support sessions to support you in using the NBAS- both before and after certification.  Scroll down to read more.

Who are these sessions suitable for:

The NBAS support supervision sessions are suitable for:

  • those who have been on the 2 day NBAS training course and are now in the self-directed practice phase working towards certification
  • those who have completed their NBAS certification

What kind of support can I get?

These sessions are there for you (and the others joining that session), so the content is tailored to the specific support you would benefit from. You might like to:

  • revisit items in the NBAS tool; how to administer and how to score them
  • bring questions or case studies of using the NBAS in a particular situation
  • discuss how to implement the NBAS in your setting

How are the sessions run?

The sessions are held in an informal and relaxed format. Using the online platform Zoom.

The dates for the sessions (usually 2 sessions) will be arranged with you during attendance on the NBAS course by your trainers who will also run the these follow up support groups.

There is no set programme; the content will be tailored to all those joining the session and what you would like to go over.

If you have already certified or attended an NBAS training course before April 2022 and are interested to be part of a support session, to bring any questions or case-studies, please do email:

She will be able to arrange a support session for you and/or your team.