Baby Communication Week 2023

Just a week away…

That time of year has come around again. A time to celebrate newborn babies and all their amazing skills, especially in communicating! That’s right; Baby Communication Week is happening next week from the 5th-9th June.

The theme of the Week is always a very important part of the planning to help us ensure the messages are inclusive to all babies, parents and professionals AND to make to the biggest impact possible in raising awareness of baby behaviour. In coming to this year’s theme we considered some of the most common misunderstandings there are about newborns. Have you noticed how most of these misconceptions are reductionist (e.g. babies just ‘sleep, eat, cry and poo’!)?

For those of us who work with, study, or research newborns, particularly with an awareness of infant behaviour, we know just how extraordinary babies are; their amazing skills for transitioning to the outside world, for communicating and socialising, and for building their life-long brain.

We want to challenge some of the presumptions about babies and change minds so that parents, practitioners and wider society become…

So this our theme! We will spend the week taking a closer look and marvel at how a baby’s behaviour can show us so much about them self and their world! Each day we will have a different focus to bring the theme alive.


Daily themes

Each day will look at a different aspect of newborn babies. We will shed light on the myths and misunderstandings and showcase the contrasting fascinating truth.


So what is happening during the week?

  • We will release a new animation video series created especially for Baby Communication Week 2023!
  • We will hear from an amazing line up of daily speakers who will be sharing a video they have recorded especially for new parents in celebration of the week!
  • We will be launching 2 new baby communication resources!

All the action will be happening on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channels (just click below):

Animation series…

We’ve been busy behind the scenes developing a special animation series on the theme of #AmazedByBabies. We will be releasing each of the 5 videos from Monday to Friday at 9.30am on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. Each day’s video will bust a myth or misunderstanding about newborns and get us amazed by babies though a short, fun, animation.

Watch the trailer below! 🎬


We are in for an absolute treat this year with our speaker line up. These amazing individuals, with their immeasurable wealth of experience, will be sharing a video they have recorded especially for new parents in celebration of Baby Communication Week. Each will get us #AmazedbyBabies as they bring alive some amazing insights into a baby’s world.

Videos will be premiered daily on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.


What are you up to for Baby Communication Week 2023?

It is important to us that this awareness week is an opportunity for you to showcase the incredible work you do in promoting newborn baby’s behaviour and communication.

Whether you work as an individual or as part of an organisation, we would love for you to share the ways you support parents to get to know their new baby. Please tag us @BrazeltonUK and we will reshare!



A few final thank yous…

I would like to say a special thank you to:

Gloria Lo – Gloria (pictured right) has designed and illustrated our Baby Communication Week logo AND all the drawings for the animation videos. As well as this, Gloria has done all the stop motion animation production.

Brad McLaughlin – Brad has done all the video editing, including the music composition, for our speaker videos.

Both Gloria and Brad are very special members of our volunteer team at the Brazelton Centre UK. Thank you both for embracing my wild ideas and for your time and care to produce these amazing videos!

And a final thank you, in advance, to each one of you for being involved in the Week. I cannot express how much it means to me to see everyone’s passion for ensuring baby communication is known about and made an integral part of our care for newborns and their families.

Warm wishes
Sarah Lam, Communications Manager