Free Resource- Using the NBO during the C-19 Pandemic

Using the NBO and working with families during the Covid-19 Pandemic

We know during this time as our country, and our world, responds to the Corona virus pandemic, many of you will be having to find new approaches to supporting newborn babies and their families. It may be the case that in some settings you are currently asked to refrain or minimise hands-on contact with babies.

We’ve had many questions in light of this about what these restrictions mean for continuing to practice and use the NBO tool- both for those working towards certification and those certified and using it in practise.

The good news is, you CAN still do most of the NBO without having to touch the baby. In fact, it is great practice in involving and listening to the parents as much as possible and sharing about the baby together.


The key is to ask questions…

You can learn and discover so much about a baby’s behaviour and individuality through using questions as prompts. Think about ways to take an item from the NBO tool and rather than actually carry it out, rephrase it into an open question for the parents.

We have put together a list of example questions to inspire you. You can download this free resource below:

Watching the Baby Together


A note for NBO trainees working towards certification:

Please do continue to practice the NBO with families and gather as much information and detail as you can about each babies behaviour. Record what you discover and the conversations you have on the recording sheet. Once you have done 5, as usual, return to Kim, our Neonatal Course Evaluation Officer on ‘’, if you’re unsure you can always email her.


Happy NBO-ing!