Grant given to Brazelton Centre UK for Baby Behaviour Workshops

We are delighted to announce the receipt of a grant from the National Lottery, Awards for All programme!

Over the next year we are seeking to improve our support to parents through delivering baby behaviour workshops in the antenatal period to young mothers and fathers, and through the provision of information videos and leaflets.  This is where the funding from the National Lottery comes in and why we are so honoured to be the chosen recipients.

The Awards for All grant of £9,500 will fund the Brazelton Centre UK to upscale the direct support it gives antenatally to parents. To do this, we will be developing our antenatal parent workshops and will increase our support to our team of trainers. This means that greater numbers of hard-to-reach parents will be supported to understand their baby’s ‘language’ from birth.

Commenting on the grant, Madeleine Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer of the Brazelton Centre UK, said:

“On behalf of the Brazelton UK team, I would like to thank the National Lottery Awards for All programme for this kind grant. We look forward to developing our services with families, so that greater numbers of families are supported in the important antenatal and perinatal period. It is wonderful news that the importance of our work with families at this vulnerable time has been recognised”.

Work on improving the antenatal workshop sessions is already underway and the charity plans to roll them out on a wider scale later in 2019.