Merit Award for Brazelton Trainer Deanna Gibbs

We were delighted to learn this month that one of our senior trainers Dr Deanna Gibbs has been awarded a Merit Award from the RCOT for her contribution to the profession.

Deanna is a Research Consultant for Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Health Professions at Barts Health NHS Trust and also a honorary Research Fellow at City University, London.

In the words of the RCOT:

Dr Gibbs is a pioneer in the highly specialised field of neonatal occupational therapy practice and she has made a profound contribution to this area.  Her research focused on linking key theories of occupational therapy with the experiences of parents in neonatal settings is enlightening and ground-breaking.  Dr Gibbs has been instrumental in establishing the first certified examination board as a core member of the Neonatal Therapy National Certification Board (NTNCB).  She had an important role, as part of the RCOT guideline development group, in the publication of the NICE accredited document: Occupational therapy in neonatal services and early intervention practice guideline.  Dr Gibbs’ published work and her commitment to setting up and running the first neonatal occupational therapy special interest group in the UK has helped redefine and clarify the role of neonatal occupational therapy.

We are honoured to have such highly-esteemed individuals like Deanna teaching the NBO course. We are grateful for all the experience and expertise she brings to and enriches the teaching with.

Congratulations Deanna!!